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General information page for the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Departments Mountain Bike Trail System.

Greenway Info

Greensboro has one of the best colletions of Greenways in the state.  When the trails are wet, ride the Greenways!

Bur-Mil Park Trails
Big Loop Trail and Little Loop Trail are both within Bur-Mil Park. This is a great map of the Bur-Mil Park trails and includes Big Loop, Little Loop, Owl’s Roost and the Greenway.
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Owl’s Roost Trail
Owl’s Roost has 4.3 miles of awesome singletrack with an extra 1.3 miles of fire lanes. Also see Bur-Mil Park Trail Map above which includes a great map of Owl’s Roost Trail.
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Trailhead Coordinates (Bur-Mil Lot):
N36 10.183
W079 52.029

Wild Turkey Trail
Wild Turkey is a fantastic 4.4 miles of sigletrack fun!
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Trailhead Coordinates:
N36 10.056
W079 50.203

Bald Eagle Trail
Bald Eagle runs along Lake Higgins and has 4.1 miles of singletrack and an extra 1.2 mile Bald Eagle Loop.
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Trailhead Coordinates:
N36 10.245
W079 53.216

Reedy Fork Trail
Reedy Fork runs along Reedy Fork Creek and has 3.5 miles of singletrack.
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Trailhead Coordinates:
N36 10.412
W079 50.243

Country Park
Over 6 miles of well maintained singletrack can be found at Country Park, along with a free ride area know as “The Zone”!!
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Trailhead Coordinates (Safety Town Lot):
N36 07.090
W079 50.167

Blue Heron Trail
Blue Heron is the Greensboro Fat Tire Society’s newest trail.   The trailhead can be found at the end of the Reedy Fork Trail, straight across Church Street.
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Trailhead Coordinates (Church Street):
N36 10.671
W079 47.461

Northeast Park
Over 10 miles of trails in a beautiful new park located in Gibsonville
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Park Address:

3421 Northeast Park Dr, Gibsonville
(use 4010 High Rock Rd in your GPS)



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